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Arginine, an Essential Nutrient for growth

The role of nutrients such as Vitamin D, calcium, protein, and fiber are front runners in supporting a child’s growth and development. On the other hand, Arginine and Vitamin K2 are necessary for the efficiency of the other nutrients, as well as being essential for building stronger and longer bones in children.1, 2 The good news is that most of these vital nutrients are probably in your child’s current favorite foods and are not really hard to get. But if a little help is needed, be open to providing nutritional supplements (eg. Pediasure).7

What is Arginine and Vitamin K2 and how they help growth

Arginine – also known as L-arginine, is an amino acid responsible for promoting cell multiplication for improving muscle and bone strength. As 60%3 of a child’s growth for height happens in the first five years, adequate Arginine in a child’s diet can prevent stunting in the future. Aside from supporting the quality of bones and muscles, Arginine helps in wound healing, dilating and relaxing arteries for improved blood flow.1, 3

Vitamin K2 – is a nutrient that helps activate certain proteins that help bones absorb calcium. Without vitamin K2, calcium will go to waste and bones can become brittle if they are deprived of it for a long time. Unlike Arginine, the body does not naturally produce it and it has to come mostly from food. If a child is lacking in vitamin K2, your child may not be able to take advantage of the crucial growth years.1, 3

Where to get it          

Food: Arginine is an amino acid and is found in many food items that contain other types of amino acids. Items like nuts (e.g. walnuts, peanuts, almonds), grains, legumes, meat (e.g. turkey), seafood, eggs, and dairy products are good sources of Arginine. For a healthy snack option, provide your child with pumpkin seeds as 1 cup of contains nearly 7 grams of amino acids.1, 2 As for vitamin K2, you can get it from meat and cured or curdled dairy products like yogurt, and cheese or soy alternative.1

Supplements: Because vitamin K2 is not stored in the body and foods associated with it (e.g. fermented items and strong cheese), are not children’s favorites, nutritional supplementation is required. To ensure they are well nourished, consider adding Pediasure to their diet.4, 7 Formulated with 37 vital nutrients, including all important Arginine and vitamin K2, complete and balance out a picky eater’s diet. Also working together with high quality proteins and filling fibers, Pediasure can help regulate their appetite.5

A complete and balanced nutrition is very important for children in their crucial years of growth. We often think of vitamins D, E, C, Calcium and Protein as the most important for growth, but they need both Arginine and K2 to help with efficiency of absorption. Pediasure 3+ comes complete and balanced with essential nutrients for your child for optimal development when a little help additional to food is needed.

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