5 Ways to Engage Your Picky-eater Child

From the very beginning to their children growing into adults, it is a given for parents to worry about them eating well. This can turn into forcing little ones to finish food via fear tactics or give in and spoil the child. Both do not address picky eating behaviors with the risk of being harder to correct when older. As children are, alternatives must be provided, so when food alone is not enough, learn how child-friendly nutritional supplements like Pediasure 3+ are ready to provide support.1, 3

  1. Planning meals together gives a sense of responsibility, thus control
    Even the most responsible parents need help and what better place to look for it if not from their children? By listening to their opinions, you can directly provide your counter healthier choices they might love. Not only does these activities give them a sense of responsibility, autonomy to their favourite ingredients, but also accountability. But all in all, if the meals include what they like, they may be more motivated to finish it.1, 2
  2. Make grocery shopping a fun event lets them see that there are way more options
    This will expose your children to the sights and the wonderful fun colors of fruits and vegetables. Share facts on interesting looking ones and even throw in a story about how their favorite characters relate to some of them. You can even teach values, how to pack groceries, and counting change. If your children are old enough, you have fun and teach them that since fresh fruits weigh more than a bag of potato chips, it means you get more food.1, 2
  3. Cooking and having fun is a great way to bond
    Food is what brings family together so the act of cooking itself can be another source of bonding activities. It can show children how much work and effort it takes to cook and eating it will be appreciative of the effort. Start off simple by reading recipes, whisking eggs, mixing sauces, and assembling final dishes. For more excitement, throw in a hint or two that they might get access to the “secret” family recipe if they do well.1, 2
  4. Link good food to good health for a positive attitude
    It’s important for your children to have a good relationship with food to avoid nutritional issues later in life. For example, you can highlight lemons are high in Vitamin C for boosting immunity so they never miss playdates. Or why they must eat fish for protein because it is to become strong and fast to beat the fellow classmate in a race. Or milk for calcium for stronger bones and muscles to carry all their toys

All in all, though your child’s picky eating will not change overnight, it is up to you to provide the tools to curb it. If you are worried that your child is still not getting enough nutrients through food, Pediasure 3+ child nutritional supplement is here to help. Available in powder form for convenience, Pediasure3+ has been scientifically designed to fulfill a child’s nutritional needs with 34 essential nutrients to support growth, even if they are little picky eaters.

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