Does “brain food” help children study well?

The term that we are what we eat holds some truth. You might even notice it yourself that higher quality food and fresher options keeps you feeling good. This aspect is especially important for children as their higher education years bring stress and their brains need a balanced nutrition, either through fresh natural food or supporting supplements. A child’s brain is the most complex part of their young bodies and never stops running so which nutrient is best for it? It is really all of them, but here are 3; protein, iron, and water; especially important brain foods that will help children study well.1, 2, 5


Proteins make up the brain cells responsible for communication. Since these cells are also important for other parts of the body’s functionality, a daily serving of high-quality protein, especially in the morning, can kickstart neurons. For better retention of memory and positive mood, serve a hearty omelet loaded with vegetables and a glass of milk. If your child does not have a big appetite, a bowl of rice with boiled lean chicken or oatmeal with milk or child-friendly nutritional supplements are other options.1, 2, 4


Iron is critical for the brain’s cellular process and helps your child’s stay focused longer while studying and pay attention to the teacher during lectures. Iron deficiency is known to cause slower mental development in children so it is really important. Lunchtime is the best meal to provide your child with plenty of iron rich foods for ample nourishment. If you pack lunch, replace potato chips with baked black beans or roasted sweet potatoes. Easy to eat vegetable sticks or steamed snap peas can be healthy alternatives. Remember to include an appropriate portion of whole grain rice for the filling up factor as a child on a full stomach can function better.1, 3


The brain is soft tissue and consists of about 73% water. A well hydrated brain is better at manufacturing hormones and neurotransmitters for thinking and stronger stress retention. Throughout your child’s meals, provide them with fresh water to drink and when at school, remember to pack a water bottle which they can refill once it is empty. Instead of giving your child packaged sodas or juices, switch with homemade fruit infused water. Not only will they remain hydrated, they will also get other brain food nutrients as well.2, 3

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