Food Replacements so your Kid Does Not Miss Out on Important Nutrients

A child’s taste profile is ever growing and they may have aversions to some foods, even if it is good for them. As a parent, you worry that your child may not be getting all the essential nutrients and struggle to find replacements for those foods. There are plenty of replacements, but before you start feeding your child those, first adopt a positive attitude and be a good role model. Instead of saying your child hates certain things, say that they are willing to try new things instead.

Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Broccoli, Carrots – what those vegetables have in common are that they are all good sources for Vitamin A, C, and K. These vitamins support vision, immunity, and act as antioxidants. Your child may refuse to eat these due to their color and green vegetable aroma. If your child lacks these, they may get weak bones, poor dental health, and easily fall ill. Replace with – sweet potatoes, oranges, various fruits, or even try different formats of the ones they do not like.1


Fish and Seafood – Most often because of their fishy and oceanic aroma, children do not like eating fish or seafood. Seafood is rich in protein, selenium (an antioxidant), and Omega-3 Fatty Acid. They are important for cells, muscles, repairing damage, and overall development. Sources for these are easily replaced with red meat, chicken, cheese, eggs, nuts, legumes, and fish oil supplement options.1

Milk and Cheese – Most commonly associated with being a good source of Calcium, Vitamin D, and healthy Fats for muscle, nerve, blood, and bones. They are also for getting other nutrients around the body. If your child cannot tolerate dairy products, aside from intolerance and allergies, try replacing them with lighter versions of milk, other fortified drink options, enriched oils, and nut butters.1

Bread, Oatmeal, and Pulpy Fruits – As well as many other vitamins and minerals that may help reduce the risk of heart issues and obesity, these are good sources of fiber. Fiber helps keep your child fuller longer and move things around in the body, ie. helps prevent constipation. You can replace these items with a plethora of fortified foods, flavored cereal, plain biscuits or crackers, rice, and homemade no added sugar fruit popsicles.2