Healthy Habits to Keep a Child’s Immunity Strong

You may at times want to believe a child’s habits you do not agree with are there to test a parent’s patience. But instead of considering it as an inconvenience, consider it as a teaching opportunity. Especially if there are quirks concerning sanitation, you would want to do anything in your power to boost their immunity. Support them with good discipline, good food or child nutrition supplement (eg. PediaSure) if needed and anything else to ensure that they grow up happy and healthy.

Best Healthy Habit Picks in Keeping Your Child’s Immunity Strong 

  1. Prevention is priority, get those hands washing
    Germs: invisible to the eye, are worries every parent has getting on their children. Hygiene practices are for not getting sick in the first place. It can reduce the spread of illnesses to your child and prevent your child from spreading if if they are ill themselves.2
  2. Hydration is Their Best Friend
    A well hydrated body helps nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently, while helping it detox. It is a well known fact that the more efficient the body is with distribution of anything, the stronger your child’s immune system will be.3
  3. Prioritize healthy Food Choices
    No matter how much your child begs you to give them the unhealthy choices, it is your job to find the healthy alternative that they would enjoy. Overly sugary, starchy, high sodium and fatty foods hinder immune system cells, thus giving infecting bacteria time to thrive. To ensure best nutritional content, keep fruits and vegetables seasonal and most can be mixed into various combinations to make them more enjoyable.1
  4. Staying healthy should involve the whole family
    To instill healthy eating habits, lead by example. Encourage slow eating to avoid gorging, eat together more often, and include your children in food prep and shopping. Set clear food rules, eg. sodas & treats on weekends only or no media entertainment while eating. Never withhold food as punishment nor use junk food as reward. Health also includes physical activity so play a sport together and encourage activity participation at school. This is because physical activity helps flush bacteria from the airways and activates antibodies by getting the blood flowing.5
  5. Being well rested improves Immunity
    Children require good sleep just like parents do. During sleep, the body repairs and balances all that was done during the day. Inconsistent amounts disrupts hormonal functions and hinders the body’s ability to fight off infections. Creating bedtime rituals can help put your child to bed smoother.4

All in all, the principle of improving immunity is prevention. Whether it is nutrition or physical activity balance is key and a parent should always lead by example. But sometimes finding the time to provide a balanced nutrition for your child can be difficult due to a busy modern life. That is why parents can look for help with child nutrition supplements like PediaSure. Enriched with Vitamins A, B6, B12, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium, all known to boost immune function, PediaSure provides your child with complete balanced nutrition to keep them strong and grow up happy.6



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