Healthy Habits to Support Your Child’s Immune System

A habit is a routine or behavior that you do subconsciously. Did you know that with some positive reinforcement, you can help your child build healthy habits to keep their immunity up? The following are healthy habits that will support your child’s immune system.

Best Healthy Habit Picks in Keeping Your Child’s Immunity Strong
Healthy Eating Habits for Children

1. Having a healthy eating habit that’s balanced supports your child’s growth

To best instill healthy eating habits, take charge in making sure fruits and vegetables are a staple in every meal, encourage slow eating to avoid gorging, make meal time a family affair, and involve the kids in food preparation and shopping to better understand their preferences.

Handwashing Good Hygiene

2. Wash & Wash for Good Hygiene

Hygiene is one of the most important steps to avoid getting sick. Mandatory handwashing with soap after bathroom breaks and before handling food for your child is the best thing to do. Around the house, do regular cleaning to prevent bacteria breeding grounds. If your child has recently fallen ill, avoid crowded areas because prevention is always better than having to take the cure.1

Family Exercise | Pediasure Myanmar

3. Staying Active & Make Good Lifestyle Choices as a Family

If you want your kids to build healthy habits, you must do so too! Get them into sports in school or over the holidays to keep them occupied. Throughout the day, remind them to drink plenty of water because a hydrated body absorbs more nutrients, along with cleansing and detoxing. All in all, after expending all that energy, it will make getting your child to sleep a lot easier at night time.5, 3

Good Sleeping Habits for Children - Pediasure Myanmar

4. Counting the stars & lulled to sleep

Children require up to ten hours of sleep, depending on age. Inconsistent sleep hinders the ability to prevent infectious diseases. If getting your child to sleep becomes difficult, creating bedtime rituals, implementing a solid routine, or even adding a bedtime story can help.4, 2, 3

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