How to choose healthy drinks for kids

Most of the kids love to drink sweetened beverages. Most sugary drinks have more calories than being nutritionally beneficial. Look at the ingredient list for each drink and study the nutrition information panel, to distinguish the smarter and better beverage choices. Here are some general guidelines to know, so that your children stay healthy and hydrated.1


Make sure your child drinks six to eight glasses of water a day. It is ‘on average’ because daily liquid requirements can also come from soups, juices, and even fruits. Vegetables also have high water content, so be sure to give your children an adequate amount per meal per day.


To have a well-balanced diet, up to 2 glasses (250ml) of milk must be consumed. Your child can get part of the daily required proteins, calcium, and many other important things for growing. You can add flavor to the milk to make it more appealing.


Make the choice with juices that have no added sugar. If you really can’t find any, the next best step is “low sugar” options.  Limit packaged fruit juice to one glass a day or even less to only a few times a week. Encourage your child to eat more fruit instead as these contain more fiber.

Sweetened drinks

These types of drinks should be occasional treats served in small portions. These can be used as the occasional treat. Served in small portions, these beverages should not replace other more nutrient-dense fluids in your child’s diet.