Introducing new Food to Kids in a Fun Way

If you have a kid who is a fussy eater, introducing new foods feels more difficult than it needs to be for you. Though there are no sure set ways to get them to try new foods in just one single day, here are a few strategies that can make introducing new foods easier.


Play with Food

Of course there needs to be some rules as you do not want the fun to become uncontrollable.1


  • If there are any particular shapes, colors, and textures your kid already likes, you can transform the new food item into those.
  • Things like fruits cut into animal shapes, slicing meat and vegetables to create rainbow color palettes.
  • Have a fast food style meal down to the presentation with home cooked meals. Pair with those the foods they already enjoy to have mini tasting sessions.
  • Since kids love playing with their hands, you can even make that a way of eating all a day’s worth of meals.
  • Or use different utensils like toothpicks, tongs, or even stacked in layers inside jars.


Mini Garden

 In the modern world where being eco-friendly is becoming a more accepted concept, teaching your kids gardening can be fun. Kids in general love seeing positive results of their work so having them grow food can add an educational value to eating later. Since they would be putting a lot of effort into growing something, they would not want to waste the harvested food and eat it. They can even boast about eating what they grew among their friends and other family members. Gardening does not have to have a big space. It can be in a small planter near their window or dining room or even their playroom.2


Try again and Acceptance

Never try to hold back their favorite activities or favorite foods to try to get them to eat what you want as it may cause negative reinforcements if done too often. Even for adults, some foods take a while to be liked as our taste preferences are always changing. Though you have the authority of a parent, you have to accept the fact that your child may never like the particular food you give them. Take everything as a learning experience and look into ways to make the situation better. Also do not be hesitant to make them eat the food again, be it doing it positively. Was it the portion size? Make it smaller next time? Was it the way you cooked it? Try new cooking methods.3