3 Bone Nutrients to Consider for Growing Children

Keeping your child’s bones healthy during their growing up years will help maximize growth and reduce the chances of bone related issues occurring (osteoporosis/weak bones). Though vitamin K2 and Arginine are highlighted for bone quality and health, the roles of phosphorus & magnesium are underappreciated, while most also probably do not associate hydration with water for bones. Even though these nutrients are found plentifully in food, a child may not be getting enough depending on the type of diet they follow and may need child nutrition supplements (eg. Pediasure 3+) to fill in the gaps.1, 7

These are a few of the most important nutrients for developing a healthy bone growth:


Technically an amino acid, it is responsible for triggering various growth factors in the body. It helps cells in the growth plates of bones to multiply efficiently to help them grow longer.7

Natural Vitamin K2

It helps balance the various bone cell functions that break down (Osteoclasts are responsible) old bones to build (Osteoblasts are responsible) new ones. It helps bind calcium to ensure strength and growth.7


This is the base material the bones of your child are made up of. It is what provides the skeleton with strength and rigidity and relies on other nutrients to help its efficient absorption.2, 7


It combines with calcium to form calcium phosphate, which is the substance that gives our skeletons rigidity. Phosphorus is many animal and vegetable food sources where calcium and protein are abundant. A balanced diet should suffice for required phosphorus, but deficiency symptoms can range from loss of appetite, stiff joints, fatigue, irritability, weakness, and weight changes in your child so pay attention to those symptoms.2, 3


It helps convert vitamin D into a usable form and regulates hormones for bone growth and development. Magnesium also helps regulate mood, energy production and muscle functionality for growth and regeneration. Magnesium is especially abundant in leafy vegetables, figs, dates, whole grains, and nuts.2, 4


Our bones are composed of minerals, collagen, and water composition of 31% when they are healthy.5, 6 The marrow depends on water for red blood cell production, so dehydration can hinder the transportation of nutrients like arginine, vitamin K2, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for bone and overall health. In other words, dehydration can lead to musculoskeletal conditions like osteoporosis. To encourage your child to drink more, infuse with their favorite fruits or add water to natural fruit juices.5, 6

A complete and balanced nutrition is very important for children in their crucial years of growth. We prioritize vitamins D, E, C, Calcium and Protein for optimal growth, but children need essentials like Arginine and K2, similar to the benefits of Phosphorus & Magnesium, to help with nutrient absorption. Always choose healthier food swaps, but when food alone is not enough or you are faced with a picky eater, Pediasure 3+ can help. PediaSure 3+ is a source of complete balanced child nutrition formulated with 37 vital nutrients, including Arginine and Natural Vitamin K2 to support catch-up growth in children who need it.^^ Pediasure 3+ can be served on its own, with meals, or as a snack as per Pediatrician’s directions.

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