Top Kid Eating Problems

Picky eating is all part of growing up for a child and provides a parent with many teaching opportunities about food. At times you may want to resort to punishments or bribes, but instead encourage healthy eating by understanding the most common mealtime dramas parents face.


Your child is always hungry or is outright refusing to eat

Due to a child’s growth fluctuation, food amount requirements will vary. Instead of forcing them to eat three square meals a day, try offering more frequent smaller meals, up to 5 with child appropriate portions. Be patient as it takes time for your child to get used to new foods.1


You child refusing to try new foods

Your child may be neophobic, with an inability or unwillingness to try new foods. Children often will always default back on what is familiar so they will often ask for the same foods they are comfortable with. Instead of forcing change, try adding variety to their most favorite food. Change the way you cook certain things so that they can experience new textures.1


You are more frustrated than your child

Children are not shy about telling you if they do not like the food and when that happens on a regular basis, you become frustrated. Do not resort to yelling or depriving them of activities that make them happy. Fix your own reaction and lead by example because behaviour is learned. Never use sweet and junk foods as rewards because they can develop negative association with the food they must eat. Get them involved in shopping, explain certain foods and maybe attach a story behind some of them. Children need to focus on food so avoid having the TV on or mobile devices during meal time.1