When to Call A Nutritional Expert for Help

Prevention is better than intervention when it comes to child nutrition. A parent will try their best to make sure that their child is getting the right nutrition, but sometimes it is best to get help. Here we explore a couple of the reasons where you may need the help of a Nutritional Expert for your child.


Rapid Weight drop or Prolonged Obesity, Picky Eating

If your child seems small for their age, you may need guidance from an expert. Even if the child is eating and gaining weight, they may be under-nourished and cause growth complications later in development. Being underweight (slowed growth effect) has about the same amount of side effects as being overweight (early heart problems and diabetes) so consulting a nutritionist will regulate their diet.1, 2

Extreme picky eating, like sensory eating, can also affect what nutrition a child gets. A parent may result in giving into a picky eater’s demands, but junk foods, packaged juice, chocolates, and plain colorless and flavorless meals could be missing the essentials and lead to vitamin-deficiency and stunted growth.1, 2


Diagnosed with a disease

Before assuming your child needs less fats, salts, or thinks they need a gluten free diet because you are allergic to it too, restrictions before consultations can affect proper development. If your child has been previously diagnosed with diabetes, has a breathing problem, intestinal problems in the past, or metabolic disease, a Child Nutritionist can provide an appropriate meal plan.1, 2


Allergies or Intolerances

If your child is often seen breaking out in hives, swelling in the face and extremities, or generally ill after whatever they eat, going to a nutritionist will help you guide through their intolerances or allergies. Lactose intolerance, gluten allergies (irregular bowel movements and nausea), nut allergy,  irritability and excessive sleepiness from added sugar (fructose) or celiac diseases are some of the most common allergies or intolerances in children. At the same time, the professional will tell you which recipes to include to prevent boredom and nutritional deficiencies.1, 2

A Nutritionist may recommend seeing other medical professionals for medication or behavioural treatments, but most often meal types, times, and oral supplements recommendations can suffice. Oral supplements like PediaSure can help fill in the nutritional gaps. Pediasure exclusive TripleSure, a specially synthesised Triple Protein Complex, efficiently delivers the 37 essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients for adequate nourishment. With various allergies, intolerances, and flavour preferences taken into account, PediaSure is available in many child friendly flavors and formats to make convenience choices.3   



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