How to teach Healthy eating Habits to your children

Kids who learn about good nutrition during childhood are much more likely to have healthy eating habits.1

Helpful Tips Parents can Adopt

Ask your kids for help

When preparing breakfast or any other meal of the day, ask your kids to help. Be it washing vegetables or serving, letting them help gives them the ability to develop team working skills.

Limiting their consumption of unhealthy snacks

Limit the option of having sweets and fried snacks available in the household. Instead, encourage eating of healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, whole wheat items, and yogurt.

Make fruits and veggies a large part of daily meals

Encourage your kids to enjoy fruits and veggies by exposing them to a wide variety of seasonal fruits. The key is to start them off early. You may use the Food Pyramid as a learning point or consult a Nutritionist for a more customized meal plan.

Be optimistic

Instead of feeling discouraged by your child’s dislike of certain foods, be optimistic. You can even incorporate their favorite cartoon characters’ attitudes or strengths as a motivation for them to eat healthier. Tell your kids that eating certain fruits and vegetables will help them be like their favorite characters.

Lead by example

If you want your child to develop good habits, you as a parent must lead by example. Parents are powerful role models in early childhood. Model healthy eating with yourself first before you attempt with the children. Always explain why some foods are really good for them and give praise when they do accept healthier habits. Also minimize distractions when possible so you yourself can focus on your child.

Offer a variety

Do not force your child to eat what they really do not like. Switching it with alternatives is the key to getting them to try new foods. You might be surprised by what your child will love to eat.

Set an example

Besides yourself as a parent as an example, have opportunities for siblings or other age similar relatives lead.


Use utensils

At the dinner table, also teach them good table manners. Manners such as using utensils instead of their hands and not to make inappropriate noises when eating.