Importance of Appetite For Growth

The importance of your child having a good appetite is not just for them to achieve their optimal growth. If they do not maintain a healthy appetite, problems can pop up in other areas of their life. Here’s why your child’s appetite is of utmost importance

Did you know that the first five years of a child’s life is the window of opportunity for growth? A child’s appetite or lack of it affects his/her food consumption and may result in insufficient nutrient intake for optimal growth.

Make sure to include iron as you feed your little one because children with low iron levels have reduced appetite. Feed your child iron-rich foods like watercress, kale, and meat.

Feed your child foods with essential nutrients that support his or her body defense system. If your child falls sick frequently, it will affect their physical growth, cognitive, and social experiences.

Did you know, prebiotics and probiotics are good bacteria in your child’s body that promotes a healthy gut environment? Probiotics are live cultures lingering around your child’s intestines. Whereas prebiotics are friendly bacteria that stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in your child’s gut system. In other words, prebiotics are food for the probiotics.

Is your child ready for preschool?

At preschool, your child needs energy to learn new skills, attain knowledge, and most of all, have fun all day! Whether your child is learning to read, solving a puzzle, or playing at the playground, energy is important to an active child. So how do you ensure your child has sufficient energy? Make sure their food intake includes important nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins to sustain energy throughout the day.

Did you know how your child eats will impact their eating habits later in life? Early childhood is the golden opportunity for them to develop his or her eating behavior. As a parent, you must always encourage your to establish a nutritious eating pattern. Work to get your child used to eating nutritious foods.