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Vitamin K2’s role in child development

It is not just all about calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and growth. Kids need the help of Vitamin K2 to make sure that the calcium does not go to waste and binds to bones to build them anew. Even if your child eats a lot of fruits, vegetables and meat, it is impossible to get enough needed calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 either due to diet type and taste preferences.1 Because inadequacy are of concern, parents can consider supplementing with vitamin K2 enhanced nutrition (eg. Pediasure 3+ & Pediasure 3+ Sucrose Free).5, 6


Vitamin K1 versus  K2

Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone), found mostly in dark leafy green vegetables, is for proper blood clotting function. This vitamin has a short life span and constantly requires resupply from food, though a small amount can be converted to vitamin K2 with the help of healthy gut bacteria.1, 2


Vitamin K2 (menaquinone), helps bind calcium to bone for building bone strength and density. This vitamin also helps with inhibiting excess build up of it in the arteries that causes plaque that lead to heart issues.1, 2


How Does Vitamin K2 Help Development?

Vitamin K2 helps strengthen, increase density, and promote growth of bones by helping bind calcium to them. It is because Osteocalcin, the main protein in bones, is dependent on vitamin K2 to function. A child who mostly eats packaged junk foods is at the biggest risk of vitamin K2 deficiency. It is because those items have the flavor, but little to no key nutrients. If calcium cannot be bound to bones efficiently, children can have the risk of developing osteoporosis (weak and brittle bones) and have stunted growth.3, 4

How Much Vitamin K2 Does a Child Need?

An adequate diet of collard greens, spinach and dark salad greens or any dark green vegetable should provide a child with enough Vitamin K. Plant oils (soybean, canola, olive, corn) and margarine are also good sources. For specific number amount, it depends on their age, size, and gender or deficiency level, which can be determined by a Pediatrician or related medical professional.3 For Vitamin K2, red meats, cheeses and eggs or any other animal based products are good sources.3, 4

Nutrition is always based on needs rather than want. You want more calcium for bones, but it needs Vitamin K2 to bind it to bones.You control the quality of food your child gets,but if you are worried that food alone is limiting, a complete and balanced child nutrition supplement like Pediasure 3+ can help.5 PediaSure 3+, available in powder form, comes with enhanced Arginine, Natural Vitamin K2 and 37 nutrients to support your child to achieve their optimal height potential.7 Available in child favorite flavors of strawberry, vanilla, and the new Sucrose Free. Pediasure 3+. For children who live actively and need nutrition on the go, PediaSure RPB is the ready to drink format for easy snacking needs.6 Visit Pediasure Myanmar today to sign up for samples.