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Common Growth Issues Among Children: Sickly Child

A strong immune system plays a part in your child’s growth. Less sick days means there are more days for growth, development, and enrichment. So, providing support with food and boosting with child nutritional supplements (eg. Pediasure) will help set children on the right path of growth.4, 7

Why Immunity Matters

The immune system is important because it involves the function of organs, tissue and cells running efficiently.4 For this reason, supporting the immune system requires a lot of energy and nutrients, and if a child does not get enough, it will draw it from ones reserved for growth.2 And when a child’s body experiences chronic inflammation due to frequent infections, it reduces the body’s ability to distribute nutrients. Also, frequent infections and inflammation alone leads to chronic fatigue, fevers, rashes, joint pain, sores in the mouth and abdominal pain, which alone causes enough discomfort to properly consume food. And if these issues occur during key growth periods, it can seriously affect how well they grow.1

Support with Habit Changes

The idea of prevention is better than scrambling to find a cure once an infection hit cannot be stressed enough for children. But on the flip side, being too cautious also has its negative side effects. Actually, letting your child play outside and exposing them to the outdoors will help them build up a resistance (Sun exposure makes vitamin D, it plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system). But make sure your child washes their hands and takes a bath after returning from the outdoors, after use of the bathroom, and any time before eating food to get rid of dirt and germs.3

Support with the Right Nutrition

Parents wonder if there is a magic immune boosting diet for their child and themselves to keep the whole family healthy. Technically there is, but it is not just a specific set, but a whole system as the gut microbiome itself is a complex system.5 Balanced nutrition keeps energy levels stable and when a child is well supported, they are less likely to develop health issues when older. Offer whole foods, fruits, vegetables and grains rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C improves immune response of the immune cells, while Zinc helps your child’s body recover more efficiently from infections. Food options like bananas and asparagus are rich in prebiotic fibers which feed the probiotic bacteria (the good bacteria) to do their jobs.4

Unfortunately, as children are, food intake can be compromised if the child has picky eating habits, has sensory issues, or allergies. For these types of moments, parents have to look for extra nutritional support from child nutritional supplements. For example, Pediasure nutritional supplement is a formula you can be sure of. Formulated with PediaSure has 37 vital nutrients and a Unique Symbiotic Blend of Probiotics and Prebiotics to help strengthen your child’s immunity. ^^ Less sick days means there are more days for growth.

Want to sample Pediasure? Visit Pediasure Myanmar today.6, 7



^^   Alarcon PA, et al. Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2003

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