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Signs that Tell Your Child is Undergoing Growth Spurt

Each growth spurt or cognitive leap happens in girls between the ages of 10 and 14, and for boys, it is between the ages of 12 and 16. These types of growth will happen over 24-to-36-month increments. With that, before you know it, the still little precious one in your eye has become an adult. Your child’s doctor will be able to provide you with the right tools to keep track of their growth, but did you know that their hunger pains, weight fluctuations, and changes in sleep patterns are tell-tale signs of growth spurt? Read on to learn more about and easy tips on nutrition with food and alternatives (eg. Pediasure) to provide the best support.1, 5, 6

Hunger is an easy indicator

Simply put, for anything to move or grow, it requires energy from somewhere. This is especially true when it comes to growth. For the first 5 to 10 years of your child’s life, a child will experience a surge of hunger. If you notice them asking for more snacks or additional servings, it can be a sign of a growth spurt. It is your responsibility to provide them with healthy snacks and limit junk food, even though they provide calories or temporarily fulfill hunger. Processed foods are loaded with empty calories, cheap filler carbs, and additives with little nutrients found in real food.1, 2, 4

Weight gain or loss

With added bone mass, muscle density, and possible fat, it is normal for your child to be heavier. A plump child may present them as lovable, but be careful as they can easily become overweight. Overweightness in children contributes to heart and cholesterol related diseases when older and bad body image. Body image problems are prevalent in children with their access to social media. During these impressionable years, steer them in the right direction of eating right, exercising, and that everyone’s body grows differently.1, 4

Sleep schedule

Like most bodily functions surrounding healing, repair, and now especially growth, happen during sleep. When it is time for the body to go through its growth cycle, a child will feel tired. Since growth is happening in high frequency in the early years, they will often be drowsy. Because growth hormones peak at night, makes sure that a 5-year-old child gets 10-13 hours per night, while older 6-13 years get 9-11 hours.1, 3

How to provide support

Nutritionally, it provides fiber and energy from healthy carbs in whole grains, while vitamins and minerals calcium, phosphorus, and arginine support from vegetables and fruits. Promote listening to music, do family events, encourage the outdoors, and lead by example to also enrich their mind and ease social anxieties. For parents who are worried that food alone is not enough, supplements such as PediaSure come complete with 37 nutrients in the right proportions. With an amalgamation of unique Triple Protein Complex, healthy amino acids, easy to digest lipid blend, and the essential growth spurt supporting calcium, vitamin D, K, and phosphorus. Your child’s growth spurt years are crucial and providing them with adequate nutrition is vital.1, 5, 6

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